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Learning Leadership From Moses

One of the aspects I love about the Old Testament is the long list of leaders that God used in their own generation to carry out God’s plan. Like the writer of Hebrews writes, they are our examples – both in their failures and successes – as faithful people who looked for the promise of God. As we look to various leaders in the OT who handled the Lord’s mission and vision, we can glean by observation essential leadership characteristics. The goal of this scripture study from the first 7 chapters of Exodus is to extract timeless, relevant, useful leadership practices for personal application based on the life of Moses.

Here are some that I was able to discover:

Moses drove away shepherds so women could water their sheep (Ex. 2:16-19)
Leaders act quickly and decisively against injustice when it is in his/her power to do so.
Moses was tending the flock of his Father-in-Law (Ex. 3:1)
Leaders do all they can to ensure the success of others.
Moses went to investigate the burning bush (Ex 3:3)
Leaders search out and examine that which has never been seen before.
Moses responds to God in a supernatural moment (Ex 3:3)
A Leader has a ‘burning bush’ spiritual moment which leads to a burning life for God.
‘When Moses had gone to look…’ (Ex 3:4)
A Leader is curious.
Moses responds to the personal call of God (Ex 3:4)
A Leader knows and responds to God when he calls his/her own name.
God reveals to Moses his awesome plan to deliver Israel (Ex 3:5-10)
Leaders listen to God and know what God plans to do before others know.
‘Oh Lord, please send someone else…’ (Ex 4:18)
Leaders understand the weight/burden of the vision and what is necessary for its fruition.
‘So Moses took his wife and sons…’ (Ex 4:20)
A Leader takes his family with him.
Moses respects authority in his life by requesting leave from Jethro (Ex 4:18)
A Leader submits to the God-given authorities in his/her life.
Moses gathers together the elders of Israel in Egypt (Ex 4:30)
A Leader gathers other leaders to advance the vision.
Moses prays to the Lord after an apparent failure of the message (Ex 5:22)
Leaders pray and get clarification from the Lord regarding things He has spoken.
‘Moses…did all the Lord said…’ (Ex 7:6)
Leaders fully obey the Lord.

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